Dana Seccombe has been in engineering and technical management for 30 years.  He graduated from MIT with BS, MS, and EE degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1972, and spent the bulk of his career at Hewlett Packard, leaving there as Vice President, and General Manager of the Inkjet Supplies Business in 1999.  He then served 2 years as Executive Vice President of Applied Science Fiction Company—leaving there, and founding TacTyx in 2002.


Career highlights:


·       TacTyx

Consulting for technology companies


·       Applied Science Fiction (2 years)

Developed a manufacturable process to develop ordinary film to a digital file in 6 minutes.

Developed a Kiosk using that technology which could process and print analog film, or digital files.

Applied Science Fiction was sold to Kodak in 2003.


·       Hewlett Packard (27 years)

Inkjet Supply Business Unit

·        Managed and grew the Inkjet Supply business from $38M revenue to $5B in 11 years, and from $-10M to $1.25B profit in the same period.  Efficiently grew the organization from 2 sites and 600 people, to 6 international sites with 10,000 employees and 8 million square feet of space, while improving productivity 23% per year.

·        Personally made technology (patent) contributions and developed the business model.  Contributed to expanding the business from home printers to fax, multifunction, large format, business, and photographic printers.

·        The Inkjet Supplies Business has contributed over 100 percent of hp’s profit in recent years. The Inkjet Supplies Business developed the core technology for all hp inkjet printing. 

·        Resolved antitrust matters, and lead intellectual property efforts regarding Inkjets (over 400 patents); won over 15 patent matters.


Served as the Group R&D Manager for all hp peripheral products (2 years).  Reported to Dick Hackborn, who later became Chairman of the hp Board, and Microsoft board member.


Managed the development of hp’s first RISC computer platforms using proprietary technology (3 years).   Managed 280 people, on 2 sites.


Proposed, developed and put into production a 1 micron, double metal (tungsten) proprietary integrated circuit process, and a proprietary 6 chip computer CPU based on that technology.  The technology became the heart of all hp computers for 10 years. (6 years).  Managed 70 people.


Developed various processes for integrated circuit fabrication, testing, and reliability improvement (5 years) 


Personal Contributions and Awards


·        At Applied Science Fiction—steered organization to a higher quality and more manufacturable photo developing process, and a (kiosk) business model that could greatly improve business results

·        HP’s Inkjet Supplies Business---Developed the business and technical strategy for Inkjet Supplies Business.  Grew the business to be hp’s largest, fastest growing, and highest profit business

·        For the Inkjet Business:  resolved antitrust, patent infringement and licensing in hp’s favor

·        Developed all of hp’s first generation RISC computers (hardware)

·        Developed hp’s core integrated circuit technology, and proprietary chips, and the worlds first 32b desktop computer

·        Supervised integrated circuit reliability improvement programs

·        Developed metallization for an integrated circuit process

·        Lead hp recruiting at MIT; hired more (top candidates) than any other company for 5 years in a row

·        Won numerous IEEE awards including:

o       Cledo Brunetti Award for Outstanding Contributions in Solid State Circuits

o       Best Paper awards 2 years in a row for papers at the International Solid State Circuit Conference

o       Guest Editor: Special Issues on Microprocessors (Journal of Solid State Circuits)

o       Chairman: Digital Subcommittee, Solid State Circuits Conference

·        Approximately 12 patents issued and applied for

·        Chosen to attend Stanford Executive Program (SEP ’91),  a 10 week ‘mini MBA’

·        At MIT

o       BS, MS, and Electrical Engineers degree

o       Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu engineering honorary societies

o       National Science Foundation Fellowship

o       4.8/5 GPA

o       On COOP and summer jobs, worked at:

1.     Bell Laboratories (Picturephone; infra-red pumped visible phosphors; GaAs trap quantification)

2.     Lincoln Laboratories (Far infra-red spectroscopy using Ultra pure Germanium)

3.     RCA Sarnoff Research Laboratories (developing the first CCD and Thin film CdSe image sensors)

·        At Phillips Academy (Andover)

o       Cum Laude

o       Schoville Prize in Mathematics

·        Other interests

o       Commercial Radiotelephone License

o       Wood and metal working

o       Artificial Intelligence Programming

o       Numerical simulations

o       Guitar, Piano

o       Windsurfing, skiing, running, swimming